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About Us

I am Jer Ayles
My Team and I are subprime lending pros and masters of small dollar loans for the masses.

  • We know how to launch/improve a consumer loan business and get licensed in any state.
  • Are you interested in learning more about the Tribal-Sovereign Nation Model? Reach out! We formed Leaning Rock Finance Consulting Group in 2011. We introduce Tribal Economic Boards to lenders.
  • We can create a business plan to make even the most conservative investor say, “I’ll lend you the money!

We are wizards at selecting loan management software, acquiring customers, processing loan applications, underwriting subprime loans, and funding the loans.
And when it comes to collecting on nonperforming loans, we are like a bloodhound on the scent of a bacon cheeseburger.
So, if you have a voracious desire to enter the “business of lending money to the masses,” come to us, and we’ll make it happen with a touch of humor, fun, and SERIOUS profits!

Frank Masotti

Is now in charge of creating all information on the site now. He creates it with my oversight. I have thought him everything there is to know about the small dollar lending industry. You can find him through his profile at the bottom of every post. Or through

Frank Masotti

3432 Skips Lane

Phoenix AZ, 85012

(602) 888-3448


Jer Ayles
Co-Founder at  | Website

Jer is a Consultant & go-to guy for startups and founders. Expert with both Online and storefront B2C lending strategies. Jer at Trihouse Consulting is your Co-Founder, consultant, investor... Start-ups in installment, payday loan, car title lending, line of credit... Storefront to Online transition is my specialty. Focused on operations, marketing, Internet models, tribe, brick-n-mortar development, website development, regulatory & compliance, and State and Tribe licensed lending models. Banking, ODFI, ACH, ICL, Debit, Credit. 702-208-6736 (PDT)

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